Knowledge of Love

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Knowledge is a reflection

of the Order of the universe...

The universe is Ordered for Life...

Life is One through Love...


True Knowledge speaks of Love...

This is my life naked before you. This is my innermost thoughts and Spiritual revelations upon the Spiritual Path. I was born in March of 1956, so the first poem included here was written when I was fifteen years old. Capitalization is used to denote words with significance beyond their ordinary meaning, because from the beginning of my writing I realized that our language is limited in scope and lacks terminology for the Spiritual Realms.

This is the tale of my enlightenment, of my becoming conscious as a whole being of human Light and human Spirit. Enlightenment is not a noun. Enlightenment is not something to be attained. Enlightenment is a verb. Enlightenment is a path of the Heart felt Way. Mentally knowing you are a being of Spirit and Light is the beginning on the path, but Enlightenment is experiencing yourself as a human of Spirit and Light as you Walk the Path. Enlightenment has no implication of being specially chosen, a messiah, an avatar, or other similar titles which are ego based claims made by some unenlightened beings. You may find that you are a humble Enlightened being of Love. Come take this Journey with me...

This is a tale of Meditation in the Word, the highest vibration. This tale relays the prophesy which speaks about these days we are living in, as the Age of the Fish ends and the Stargate opens. Two souls, Solar and Sunbeam, conquer ignorance with the Living Light to free the Way of Life. The age of the Water Bearers begins with power, as they fill their cups and bring the Earth together as One Family...

Let this tale stir you to make conscious what you truly know in your Heart. This book is a circle which becomes clear with time. You need to understand the end to understand the beginning and you need to know the beginning to understand the end. You need personal experiences of higher awareness and the Mystical Order within your life. This book is a guide and holds the Key, but the way to the Door is steep and treacherous. You can only find your way through your own personal Knowledge of Love. Words and mental beliefs mean almost nothing, you must purify your Heart and Live as a Loving Being.

Spiritual Awareness is a Way of Life that is not reached and lived as easily as it is understood, yet in understanding we may begin together. This book is a manual for Meditation and Awareness. I am thankful to be able to transmit this tale. As I have heard, so do I relay, as clearly as I may. This book is my gift to all of you: my brothers and sisters of the Earth.

I dedicate this book to the two Witnesses,
Solar and Sunbeam,
to rise and heal Lifeís Tree.

I dedicate it to the Twelve Water Bearers
to overcome and bear a Crown of Life.

I dedicate it to the Riders playing and singing
New Songs to the Star of Light.

I dedicate it to all the Children of the Sun
on their Trip through Aquarius.

I dedicate it with my Love...

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