Enlightening Treasures

Excerpt from Book 3: Spiritual Love

Water of Life

    Yeshua is Krista, Kristos, or Christ, the all attractive Light of life that all souls share. The divine Spirit is the Wind of time moving the fates and pulling every soul along its course. Krista is the Water of life that quenches our thirsts and fears. Our thirsts and fears are all created in the illusion of materialism. The seas of the dead wander in misty shadows of astral illusion. In the misty Clouds the judgment Thunders and the Water of life falls like raindrops from the Spiritual realms of the Heavens and descends to the Earth.

    Birth is a drop of Krista soul Light being born. All Earthly life began in the sea and each of our lives began in the warm waters of the womb. As children, all Souls stream through the Spirit Wind and then gradually we awaken into a body. Each soul of life is a Drop of the precious Water of life, Krista. Upon the Earth, the drops move together in a River of life.

    The River of life is humanity spanning the Ages of many generations. The Water's attraction to the Sea by an unseen force is the Spiritual attraction, called Love, of all Souls to the union of the Krista. Often drops evaporate at any stage of the journey, carried backwards by the Spirit Wind, only to begin their course again. It is said that in an Earthly forest the same rain may be evaporated and fall a dozen times before finally joining the river and racing toward the sea. In the River some Drops may eddy and swirl, but they are all headed to the Sea of Krista. The Water of Life moves in cycles, as our lives pass by days, months, and years and our civilization passes in Ages. As in the hydrological cycle of the Earth, never a drop is lost, regardless of how many times it goes around.