Enlightening Treasures

Enlightening Thoughts

Ideas Reflecting a Spiritual Paradigm

Enlightenment is a verb,
not a noun to be attained.
Enlightenment is a state of
Being Love.
We are all traveling together.
We are all in relationship
within the whole.

Keys To Peace

2023 release

Sacred and Divine

Divine Light and Love is masculine,
is consciousness,
is giving attention to others.

Sacred Darkness and Compassion
is feminine,
is the unfolding Mystery
and receives other's attention.

Sacred Darkness
births the Divine Light,
nurtures the Divine Light,
and absorbs the Divine Light.

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2023 KeysToPeace

I have contemplated deeply the spiritual wisdom
and have journeyed deep and high:
I have gathered wisdom in a set of books
which contain essential teachings
in the form of poetry and essays.

I recommend starting with the most recent books:

Book Seven: Seer's Guidebook

A Guidebook to learning the Art of Seeing.
A Manual for healing and self empowerment.
An artistic tale of the Mystical Vision
referred to as opening the Third Eye,
the Sixth Sense, and Clairvoyance.
Become a Visionary...

Book Six: Cosmological Transformations

This is a collection of modern haiku poetry.
Turn off your analytical mind and
seek to feel with your inner being.
Become present with the words and
experience Cosmological Transformation.

Cosmological Transformations Excerpt

Book Five: Being Love

2007-07-06 to
A collection of transformative meditations
to open your spiritual heart
and guide you toward
the experience of Being Love.

Divine Mother

Book Four: True Love

2002-02-16 to


Book Three: Spiritual Love

Winter of 1995 to
    Summer of 2001

Water of Life
Science of Unity

Book Two: Healing Love

Fall of 1986 to
    Fall of 1995

The Wise Fool
Gaia Avatara

Book One: Knowledge of Love

Fall of 1971 to
    Summer of 1986

FREE: Online...
Knowledge of Love - Free online

Artistic presentation of short saying
with profound meaning to contemplate.

Meme Blog

Meditation: the art and practice.
Enjoy a rich inner life.


Meditation Sutra




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