Enlightening Treasures


    A human life is missing the greatest richness available if one has not had deep meditative experience. It is supreme bliss and ultimate ecstasy to enter into the field of one's own Consciousness and find inner Peace.

   The Mantra Meditation method is simple. The result is phenomenal. Mantra is the ultimate tool for training the unruly mind and gaining control of your inner mental state.

   We use a Mantra in time with our breath, to stop the chatter of our minds and return us to our center of Peace. Our minds cannot stop functioning, so we focus them on one spiritual vibration. Once our attention is freed from the incessant cyclic chatter of inner dialog, our energy bodies awaken. Our minds cannot do no-thing, so we direct them to do one-thing, vibrate with a sacred sound pattern that will free our energy.

   You cannot use any sound as a Mantra. We are beings of vibration. Our organ systems, emotions, and minds all vibrate at specific vibrations. A Mantra is a set of very specific vibrations that awakens our energy bodies. Our energy bodies are our subtle and powerful natural bodies of resting in pure consciousness.

   Meditation is for experiencing, so set aside the mind. Let your thoughts fade and dedicate your thought energy for twenty minutes to a mantra, one sound per breath. If the monkey mind takes the baton and brings up thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow, then simply return to here and now: the mantra and your breath. Patiently return again and again to your being. Patiently regain possession of your being. Mediational practice takes time to perfect, but is extremely beneficial. Have no fear: embrace pure experience of the present. Observe your inner energy body, your center, and your source Consciousness. Do not focus on emotions, feelings, or effects: be here now with your breath and the mantra. Be here now with peace of mind. Expect nothing and experience your unique being.

Sacred Mantra Vibration: AUM (OM, Ahmen)

    The method is to chant the mantra with a silent breath and split larger words to match the breath, so that the chant would cover both the out-breath and in-breath. Different mantras, having different vibrational qualities, affect our being differently and tune us into different time-streams of spiritual consciousness.

Like settling into a comfortable place to sleep, one will say 'Ahhh'...
Like getting an idea for the first time.

If one tastes wonderful food, one will say 'UMmmmm' and any human will understand your pleasure.
If one is going to contemplate the implications of a new idea, UMmmm...

These two sounds together form the essence of the mantra 'AUM'.
OM, or Amz (Old testament), Amen (New Testament).

Breath out 'Ahhhh'.
Breath in 'Mmmmnn'.

Contemplate the place of silence when breath is full.
Be the conscious perceiver in that silence.

Reversing which part is inhaled and which is exhales changes the energetic mode.
To-Ro to Ro-To

I AM that I AM

    Let us start with the Basis: Ahhh - Haaa
Humans say this when they get something new, a revelation.

Based upon this we come to the sanskrit 'I AM'.
A-Ham (Ah-Hum), 'u' as in put.
This preceded the Old Testament's story for the divne.

'A' represents Anuttara, the supreme divine.
The Mantra allows one to recognize the personal 'I' as within the Divine Being, the great 'I' of the totality as Unity.

A related mantra is: Soham (sah - hum).

A powerful Tantric mantra is: SAUH.

More Sacred Mantras

One will notice that 'Ahhh' is part of many sacred vibrations. These vibrations bring balance and healing when one breaths them. To heal and return to balance consider these Mantras:

Gaia -- In-breath gai and out-breath Ahhh.

Terra -- In-breath gai and out-breath Ahhh.

This brings us to the ancient Mantra set: Yin and Yang.
The pronunciation would be more like 'Yeem and Yaun'. These represent the divine feminine (the Goddess, the Soul) and the divine masculine (the Godhead, the Spirit).
The divine feminine precedes the divine masculine: receptivity potentates true creativity.
Together they are the Circle: Wholeness and Unity with the Totality.

Thus another Mantra for balance is the Name of the Goddess Kuan Yin:
Guan Yin, Guan Yim, Kuan Yim, or Kwan Im:
Yuan - Yeem.

Thus in duality we have:
Shekinah (Goddess) and Yahweh or Jehovah (YHVH - Godhead):
Yahweh was from the Sanskrit Rig Veda long before the old testament.

Inhale: She Ki (long i) - Exhale: Nah
Inhale: Yeh Ho - Exhale: Vah.
Which brings us to the pronunciation Yahweh: Inhale: Yah - Exhale: Veh and here one must note the sacred Native American sound Hey Yah.
One may also consider Breathing in Hallelu and breath out Yah (Hallelujah) and the Aramaic breath in Ellah, breath out Ahh. (Ellaha = god as unity). Also related is Allah. Breathing in and out the syllables.

The sacred names of Goddesses and Gods are often Mantras or vibrational frequencies to bring balance and healing. Consider the Hindu pantheon and understand that the personified 'Gods' and 'Goddesses' were a way the ancients preserved the sacred art of sound healing and empowerment. The 'Gods' and 'Goddesses' were aspects of the one supreme (Anuttara). Work with Radha and Kree-shnah (Krishna, Christ).

This brings us to the ascended master of Love: Yeh-shua (Yeshua, usually translated as Jesus).

Also one may work with the angel's names and their energies.

*** Work with sacred vibrations from the tradition which you are drawn to. This is a life long process of refinement.

Multiple Word Mantras:

    Multiple word mantras are sometimes easier than single focus one word mantras for beginners.

The four breath mantra: 'Aum, Mani, Padme, Hum':
Aum thought during an out-breath and in-breath.
Man (maun) thought during an out breath, then Ni (knee) thought during the in breath.
Pad (pod) thought during an out breath, then Me (mah) thought during the in breath.
Hum (hoom) thought during the out breath, then a silent in-breath.

    This mantra in words is:
'the WORD makes us clear as a JEWEL for our Light to shine through and unfolds the LOTUS flower of our life with the LOVE of our HEARTS'.

    Another very fine and extremely powerful mantra is:
Om Namah Shivaya
AUM NaMah ShiVa Ya (again for 4 breaths).

Yah- (silent inbreath)

    The Word (AUM) representing the Supreme Totality or Unity Consciousness dwells within or is clothed with Earth (Na), Water (Ma), Fire (Shi), Wind (Ya), and eather (Va).
When the inner Consciousness (Shiva) joins with the totality of the manifest Energy of every unfolding creation (Shakti) There is blissful and ecstatic Union.

    And here is an eight sylable mantra praising the Goddess of all Creativity which wakes Consciousness, Stimulates Consciousness, and absorbs Consciousness:

Aum Bhagavata Devi Shakti Shakti Shanti Hum

    You have most likely had instants of the Enlightened view, but have no context or words to describe or relate the experience within the flow of your understanding. Perhaps it was seeing a newborn's eyes, or the eyes of a child in wonder, or the eyes of a lover or a friend or the twinkle in an elder's knowing eyes. Perhaps it was sitting in nature and settling into a still inner space, watching a sunset or experiencing a river or sitting with a tree, and grasping your luminous connection to nature.

Consciousness is luminous and it illumines an unfathomable Mystery. We are beings of Consciousness and our worlds hang upon our Consciousness like pearls upon a thread of time. Mantra Meditation is a way to embrace the awareness of our Conscious Light and to engage the divine spirited Mystery within which life flows.

    You now have the keys: open the door!!!

    We are one.
As we embrace the divine vibrations of being through Mantra, we feel that oneness and our energy grows exponentially.
We are the healing power.
Many blessings to you.