Enlightening Treasures

Excerpt from Book 6:

Cosmological Transformations

This is a collection
of modern haiku...

Turn off your
thinking analytical mind...

Seek to feel
with your inner being...

Become present
with the words...

Spirit of Service
Touching Someone's Deep Feelings
sharing Compassion

The I is a Lie
there's only Us Together
Living Relations

Illusion of Self
Being is Relationships
Intertwined as One

Silver Cords wound together
Consciousness Entwined

we are Messengers
every Feeling, Dream, Thought, Word
is our Reflection

Happiness Sadness
Waves on the shoreline passing
move forward with Love

Expose Emotions
Heal Interactions with Love
Smiles are strong Magic

Boldly Authentic
maintaining Integrity
Expressing your Self

Traveler's Mission
in Strange Lands without a Map
share with all you meet