Enlightening Treasures

Excerpt from Book 5: Being Love

Montheistic Reality

Monotheism is the belief that there is one God, however it also implies that there is that which is not god, such as the devil, the world, and us. This is really an extended version of polytheism, where one aspect is considered God and others are not god, but have separate existence. Montheism is the belief that all is God; that nothing real exists beside God. Montheism does not deny that humans can have illusions and believe in falsehood. Montheism implies that all of creation is divine and sacred: the profane and evil are the false creation of humanity and have no true existence. All that is real is part of the divine unity.

Montheism implies that the universe is conscious, the living God. This is not to say that every stone is a living thing with a soul as in primitive animism, but rather the universe as a whole is alive and super-conscious. Synchronicity, the alignment of events in the time stream of a soul which points out things and teaches lessons, is the inherent nature of the relationship of a personal soul to the universe as a conscious entity.

This makes for a change in the way nature and life are viewed. The goal is not to deny our natural beings or be something other than what we are, but rather to become our true divine selves. Montheism brings one to strive to know the essence of the living sacred reality of our humanity. We must try not to be fooled by our false assumptions and premises of what this means and humbly accept the real nature of our humanity as loving beings. Our bodies are divine and the Earth is divine; the way is to live in balance as a complete whole. Striving against our natural human forms and living counter to the natural order is living in illusion and cutting ourselves off from our true spiritual nature.

There is the age old lie about doing things in this life to attain things in the next life. Montheism implies that one should be here now as a loving being; being present in the divine instant. It also implies that we should be accepting of our humanity, for this is what the divine spirit of the true total reality has arranged. Being a spiritual being is being totally human and having a balanced and loving relationship with all aspects of the whole. Psychic abilities do not imply spiritual advancement, but rather an exercising of natural abilities usually left undeveloped. While not a bad thing, they do not overcome the illusion of being a separate being at odds with the totality.