Enlightening Treasures

Excerpt from Book 5: Being Love

Ecological Culture

We are all wounded.

Where our wounds are
   there is our passion:
   those things most important to us.

Where our wounds are:
   there is the root of our life's purpose.

We understand sustainable agriculture. The soil is wounded and so we work to develop methods that will heal the soil. Each ecosystem's soil is unique, so in each case we must analyze the natural systems and seek out novel solutions to heal the soil and cultivate plants and animals that are healthy and happy, so that they may nourish and heal our bodies and so that the ecosystems of the Earth may be strong for endless generations.

We are all wounded: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. When we touch another's wounded place, it hurts them and us, yet we must use our loving energy and tenderly touch those places with our healing consciousness. We must gently lay our healing hands on each other's wounds and comfort each other, to grow together in our love. If we do not address our wounds and we hide them in isolation, they will fester and our lives will grow sour.

If we tend to each other as a community, we will grow and heal through all our pain, sadness, and mental strife. Our feelings have been hurt many times and we bare many mental scars. Our highest spiritual potential has been repeatedly knocked down by our lost society. An ecological culture is a way of living that embodies a safe and nurturing environment, so that we may sustainably and continually heal our whole beings and fulfill our life's work, our full potential, and serve the greater community of humanity.

The journey is intense, the fire of purification frightening, yet the gold nugget of spiritual riches that lies at the heart of each whole individual is a shining beautiful gift to the community. An ecological culture is a dynamic and ever changing set of practices based on the principle of love, where each and every living being on Earth may fulfill their higher destiny and role, as given to them by the natural and divine community of life.

There is a universal unity with a way, and a higher order that is the truth, bearing witness to the light that dwells in the heart of every living being as consciousness shining forth. No individual can walk the way alone; the way is in relationship and community. In ecological culture our light grows bright through our sharing and giving. In ecological culture we nourish and parent the global community of humanity by living our simple and humble lives in a loving way.