Enlightening Treasures

Excerpt from Book 4: True Love


   Consider that life tends toward Unity. The basic truth of original unity is reflected in a universal tendency for unified diversity. There is success in evolution following diverse elements adopting a unified fashion of functionality. Therefore Unity should be a personal premise for all of humanity. Humanity as a Unified whole may accomplish anything we desire, yet our very Unity will keep our path in balance with the universal course and thus allow continued evolution.

   As the Earth formed four and a half billion years ago, comets and meteorites bombarded it, bringing organic compounds and the seeds for life. Rain, lightning and other elemental forces changed the environment and by the design of the elemental atomic structure, spherical membranes formed lipid vesicles with pores.

   A billion years of chemistry according to the divine plan and prokaryote cells are living. They have no nucleus and all their functionality floats in a membrane. Beginning with fluctuating vesicles containing primordial DNA and RNA, they gained vital functions, enzyme chain data transfer routines, energy transport systems and reproduction schemes. Some prokaryotes gained propulsion and went looking for food, while others developed photosynthesis.

   Cyano-bacteria groups formed muffin sized carbonate rocks with their remains, altering the environment. All of life existed ten meters under sea surface due to ultraviolet light. Humans have a prokaryote fossil from three billion years ago from Africa. Today extremofilic bacteria live in ocean hot vents, geysers, salt seas, and other inhospitable places. The bacteria in a bee's stomach that was fossilized in amber for thirty million years.

   For another billion years prokaryotes, such as bacteria, changed the environment. The air became cooler, cloudier and less volatile. Bacteria have cilia and flagella to swim with. Sexuality is born, conjugation rather than division of cells. Even today bacteria can absorb genes from hosts that they prey on, so genetic tendencies may travel rapidly.

   Somewhere between two and one and a half billion years ago oxygen begins poisoning bacteria and an ozone layer begins to form. Fermenting bacteria use waste oxygen for metabolism, other bacteria die in the presence of oxygen. Over the next half billion years as oxygen raises, the upper layers of the sea become safe for life.

   Then after two billion years their came a great event, symbolizing the power of unity: the symbiosis of prokaryotes into eukaryotes. Perhaps beginning with the oxygen using fermenting cells, separate living cells merged to provide a nucleus and organelles. For a billion years eukaryotes evolved and gained complexity. Some learned to work together in another gesture towards the universal truth of unity. An example would be a large cell that has flagellate cells for locomotion working in unison around them that are separate living cells. A modern example is lichen, which is algae and fungus, both of which have been separated and stayed alive in lab.

   Algae raised the atmospheres oxygen, which shields ultraviolet, which allows closer approach to the surface of the seas, which allows algae blooms and a proliferation of life. Amoeba are hunters, oxygen breather, able to move and hunt with sensory data. Many armored protozoa and carboniferous shells in radial designs abound, until the next phase of the expression of divine unity unfolds, calls form colonies, where many exist together, as opposed to as individuals.

   After four billion years another example of the tendency for expressing the divine condition of unity is multi-cellular life. Sponges contain many different cells with a division of labor. Those cells have now contributed to life at another level. Through their unifying, they became a whole that is greater than the sum of their individual selves. Each individual cell lives and grows, yet the sponge exists as an entity. Generations of cells rise and pass away during the life of a living organism.

   So over the last three-fourths of a billion years many types of organisms have evolved and been destroyed by comets and meteorites in waves. Here we are considering the whole evolution of life. Humans are learning to manifest unity that is the pivotal sign of evolution, through communication and sharing of knowledge. If we can embrace the concept of Unity, not just with each other, but with all the other organisms that we share the biosphere with, then spiritual life will begin.

   Unity is the original nature and through the differentiation of the elements at the beginning of time the shape and form of the universe was determined. There never was a time when the universe ceased to be one whole, a unity. Yet the manifestation of countless organisms and the vast diversity of life present a paradox to the senses. The thinking mind can now understand a more holistic view of humanity. If humanity as a whole can see clearly, then our unity will be manifest and all people shall live in peace. Our creativity and ingenuity will allow us to learn about the galaxy around us and one day the universe around us.