Enlightening Treasures

Excerpt from Book 3: Spiritual Love

The Science of Unity

Introduction: the Science of God

    A scientific consideration of the universe reveals one complex interacting whole, the total reality, God. Although God must be more than the physical universe, yet God must encompass the whole physical universe. Since all things exist within the totality, let us consider the nature of the totality from our limited point of view.

    Physicists have shown that the entire universe has a common origin in the ‘big bang’ event. Although one may debate on the exact nature of this event, the cosmic background radiation is considered proof that the original state of the entire universe was pure energy. We have recently determined that this original energy field, which has since expanded into the current universe, was and is non-isotopic. This means that it exhibited an extremely complex distribution pattern from the very beginning. During the initial creation of this physical universe there was a time when all of space was filled with light. The patterns in the light cooled and expanded: slowing down to create the entire known physical universe.

    From this original vision of God, when the entire universe was pure light, has descended all of creation. Originally the basic sub-atomic particle-waves and the forces that govern their interaction were determined. Eventually these particle-waves formed hydrogen atoms and finally the first stars. In the hearts of those stars and in their supernova deaths the more complex elements were formed. The star-dust from the original stars collected and gave birth to the more complex stars of the current universe. We, our Sun, and the Earth are recycled star dust. Here on Earth groups of these sub-atomic particles known as molecules formed into living cells. Eventually these cells formed more complex organisms within the biosphere. Finally we have gained the ability to consider these wonders with reason and the scientific method.

    One of the goals of modern physics is defining the unifying theory to explain these most basic sub-atomic particles and the forces that govern their interaction. These sub-atomic particles are the indivisible building blocks of which the entire universe is created. The laws that describe these sub-atomic particles and the forces that govern the behavior of their interactions apply universally to the entire universe. Since these basic constituents of the universe have a common origin, there must exist a set of laws that show how they are related and how they interact.

    The entire universe is one creation following a unified set of laws. All separate things are aspects or characteristics of the one totality. The universe is one complex interacting whole. The basic components of the universe had the exact form at the beginning of creation that allowed for our evolution against all odds. The basic building blocks dance together as endless forms that evolve within the order of the all-encompassing laws of the totality. The entire process has been breeding ever more aware beings. Fifteen billion years passed before here and now, where humanity reaches out in thought to wonder about the total universe.

Ron Bracale gave the lecture:
"Science, Spiritualty, and Unity" at:
   Shadybrook, Inc. 2003-11-11
   Ohio Metaphysical Center, 2004-05-07
   Life Matters, 2004-05-15

The above Introduction: the Science of God
is from Enlightening Thoughhts Vol. 3: Spiritual Love
and is the first of ten chapters comprising the section:
The Science of Unity