Enlightening Treasures

The Wise Fool

A very wise one knows that in its essence all life is One. Thus all worldly glitter seems foolish to such a one. Yes, all the egotistical people who claim to 'be someone' and to 'be important' are fools. Since our true being is clouded by our limited wisdom, only the wise experience our Oneness. Yet being One, what does a wise one do? A wise one appears as a fool to the worldly materialists. A wise one appears as a fool and yet knows the ultimate wisdom. Only to the people of the Earth would a wise one appear as a reflection of the all. Materialists would only see a fool and often would be vain enough to try and help the wise one join them in their ignorance.

Why would a wise one seem so foolish? Only because in their wisdom they see the foolishness of the world. How could a wise one show the world the Spirit and Light that are One? By being the fool a wise one shows the world its foolishness. The worldly will always reject the wise, because the wise one makes them appear foolish and their ways of ignorance become obvious. The wise ones have a peace of inner being that comes from being balanced. The materialists accuse them of being slothful as they pass up the dark and destructive ways of personal gain. The wise ones work hard and take little for their service and yet their eyes sparkle.

A wise one Sees the river of life flowing as one upon the living Earth. A wise fool does not have the ego to waste time playing the wise one role. A wise fool is equal to everyone and anyone, without respect for any artificial differences. The worldly egotists are insulted by the wise fools presumptuousness, because egotists think they are so great and important. Being equal makes the wise fool a student of everyone, who learns from beggars and businessmen alike, and then goes on down the road. The wise fool's eyes glow as they learn the deepest secrets of creation in the simple story of an honest person. How can you tell if a fool is wise? If the fool's eyes sparkle with true joy, the fool is wise.

Commentary 2008-09-16: To get beyond materialism has nothing to do with taking a vow of poverty. It has to do with how you exist in the material world and what you place importance and thus your attention on. It has to do with priorities and caring for the river of life. Years ago I was offered a job to be a guru by three businessmen and to make lots of money, even though I was poor at the time, I rejected the offer: I am no more or less than anyone, a traveler on the path. I have never met anyone who is more or less; though I have met many Gurus, they turn out to be fallen souls, lost in their egotistical superiority. I have met many teachers, who like myself have something to share, but who are truly students on the path. The Wise Fool is a call to all to live life fully in love's sharing ways.