Enlightening Treasures

Gaia Avatara East

Gaia was young and healthy, bringing forth multitudes of living beings to serve as her body. The living web of the biosphere grows and matures with time as Gaia's body passes through childhood. Gaia's living web of endless bodies bathes in the nourishing light of the Solar orb. The light moves within her body as endless rivers of evolving life forms. Gaia is a Heavenly being and her ordered body is growing up in the Solar light.

Hominids became self conscious and for ages and ages they walked the Earth as servants of the holy mother, Gaia. They lived in wisdom and harmony. They built stone nodes to the stars, watching and moving in the rhythms of Gaia's dances with Solar. Then as Gaia stood in the transition to womanhood, the human race exploded. Gaia moans and weeps as machines murder countless species. Her Heavenly body is torn in the throws of metamorphosis.

The human spirit driven to search for release, as endless swelling tides ripple around the globe. Similar to a plant that suddenly has seed pods sprouting will drop all it's leaves, sacrificing much on hopes of seeding the wind: Gaia gives us her all. Gaia's body swells with the new human's blind desires and uncontrollable instincts. The impulses of human nature rule and slowly humans begin to look upward to the stars, Gaia's friends. Like a seed pod Gaia will finally explode outward in the ecstatic release of millions of silver threads to the stars.

The holy and natural ways return to Gaia and in her womanhood consciousness expands to the heavens. Human servants walk in her holy ways of love and know her in their heart. As her tailors, they cloth her in gardens of splendor. She is the source of wisdom and we are each a small infinite part of her infinite being. Humans will become aware and begin to listen to the telepathic web that flows as love around the channels of life in Gaia's body. Her ways are law and bring us to the supreme and universal wisdom of her lord, the light. Through living in her ways we find the Solar light at the heart of all living beings:

Gaia Avatara...

Gaia Avatara South

Gaia dances with Solar, spinning to the cosmic rhythms of stellar time. Solar's light caresses and warms her, filling every nook and cranny of her being with light. Their energies blend in the generation of rivers of life that form her body. The endlessly changing rivers of life are children, with both Gaia's form and Solar's light. The children grow slowly and change endlessly as they search ever brighter with their inner light of consciousness. The light that moves within the children is ever brighter and quicker with wonder and awe.

Gaia and Solar dwell within the hearts of all the river of life. The children are a mixture of their parent's energies. She is ordered form in the spirited ways of love and gives us our bodies within her body. Warm and beautiful for a season, our forms are her gift that we might learn of the light. She nurtures the living river to grow to ever new levels of perception and consciousness. Solar is the energy within that allows us to shines with life. Together they raise us into the higher Light, the perceiver behind the eyes, ears, and mind. The spark of the fire of love drives the river in passion and wonder. Gaia shows us the beauty and grander of the Spirit's story, while Solar shows us the spark of Light in our lover's eyes.

Gaia is the Avatara, or supreme holy teacher who's nature displays the higher order and the real ways of life. Gaia dances enraptured in the Solar bliss of enlightenment. The light flashes through the form to channel rivers of light between hearts. The cosmic lovers, Gaia and Solar dance ever embraced in a spiral of consciousness. Ever higher levels of perception increase the depth of the embrace as Gaia and Solar seek ultimate knowledge of each other. The ebbs and flows of the river of life spiral upward in the quest: higher love's climax of super-conscious union. As One people on a young holy Earth, we look out to the Stars and a whole galaxy beckons:

Gaia Avatara...

Gaia Avatara West

A person is an illusionary description. We have invented a word to describe our infinite beings which are indescribable. We are not separate entities as the word implies. We are totally dependent on each other and also on the Earth Mother, Gaia. It is our illusion of being separate that leads us astray. We need to see the whole to find ourselves. One cannot have Peace within, without sending Peace outward. Any illusion that Peace can be found as a separate entity, is pure illusion. When one sees clearly, one sees the need all around. Compassion toward others is the beginning of understanding our oneness as a people. Then to see clearly is to understand that all life is one and depends upon the Holy Mother, Gaia. Love is the emotion that moves through us, when we see the whole. When we find our place within the whole through giving Love, then we know Peace.

If we were truly individuals that were separate, we could exist alone, without the nourishment from our Mother Earth. Humans need each other to feed their emotional and mental needs. In a vacuum their is no development. In our togetherness we have more than in our separateness. In cooperation all human endeavors prosper. We learn and grow with each other. When a person feels that their self as a separate entity is the most important thing, then they are in pain. When a person sees clearly, then they know that the whole Earth and all her children are important. Love is going beyond one's self and giving to others or to the Earth.

Humans, lost in illusion, think that they are above the other creatures on the Earth, but this is foolishness. Many plants and animals are amazing creatures. It is vanity to place ourselves into a separate category. We are not able to live without the Earth and her other creatures. We used to live in the Garden as children in a mystery that was all powerful, with life and death balanced. Then as illusions of separateness crept in, along came fear. In fear of loosing separateness, the illusioned have placed life into a higher position than death and afterlife. Only by accepting death, can one live at peace. Their is nothing that the self can hold onto or take with it. In life their is much to give through Love to life. In death we are equal to all other creatures, returning to Gaia:

Gaia Avatara...

Gaia Avatara North

Gaia was born in Solar's embrace. Constantly washed in the nucleic acid strands that fill the cosmic dust which the Cosmic Lovers whirl through. Fractalization begins within the seas of complex molecules, then ages and ages passed in endless cellular dances. Slowly the dance grew into intense fractalizing spirals of Life. Multi-cellular beings finally achieved a new level of consciousness that floats upon cellular consciousness. Faster and faster in the search for ever greater awareness: the tides of life ebb and flow. Perception grows and finally we become self reflective and begin spiritual life.

When we see the rivers of life flowing upward through time, we understand that the order of the universe is centered on life. We see that death gives way to new life and the cycle continues in spirals to new heights of consciousness. The endless ancestors that passed before us have prepared this place of our journeys. We must now become worthy of their gifts and create a place for the children's journeys. The cycle of ages turns through many changes, but the present should be a gift to the future. Only in living with the Earth as our most holy teacher can we find our way.

We must change and honor the holistic ways of the Earth. We must return to living with Gaia. This is not choice, it will always be the law in the long run. Only by balancing death and life can the river be strong. Many gifts can be lost in foolishness. We need the endless forests and the vast array of plants and animals that we have evolved with. Only in sharing are Gaia's gifts enjoyed as Love. Only in the ways of the Earth can we be strong. The way of the river can only be diverted on its movement to the sea. Any deviation of the balance brings death and return to the balance. Life will move in balance. The Ancestors are a string beginning at the start of life. The future children are waiting for the giving of our True Love: Gaia Avatara...

Gaia Avatara...